A Palo Alto-based Series A startup backed by Emergence Capital had run internal and external searches for a Senior Frontend Engineer for over 180 days, after losing their top candidate to another offer. 


Specific challenges:

  1. Culture fit – Several candidates they previously interviewed came across as arrogant or just had low-EQ.
  2. Technical ability – Almost none of the candidates they interviewed made it past their initial technical assessment.
  3. Competition – They were losing the talent war against bigger companies who could afford to over-pay on cash compensation.


Mike, one of our niche recruiters, spoke with members of their executive and engineering teams to gain a broad perspective of their company culture, growth plans, and technical challenges. We also shared insights on streamlining the interview process, optimizing the job description, and market compensation.


Within two weeks, we presented 5 qualified candidates. At the end of the following week, we helped them narrow it down to one finalist and put together a strategy on how to “close” the candidate. We also had several conversations with the candidate throughout the process to uncover any concerns, get them excited about the company’s growth prospects, and show how this role would help them achieve their long-term career goals.


Though the candidate had three offers to choose from, they chose to accept a low-cash/high-equity offer from our client. We’re pleased to report they’re already making a significant contribution to the backlog.