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How can we help you build an exceptional startup team?

Startups have enough on their plate. Outsource hiring to quick-moving, expert recruiters who listen, go to bat, and deliver the candidate you’re looking for.

What role are you hiring for?

Traditional recruiting leads to wasted time and missed opportunities.


Losing “perfect” candidates to Big Tech


Never ending lists of unqualified resumes


Hires falling apart from mismatched expectations

Sourcing top performers isn’t impossible for startups

Work with a strategic partner who knows the critical, hyper-technical talent marketplace and has a track-record of securing leading engineers and data scientists for VC-backed startups—from stealth mode to Series C.


Step 1

Strategic, goal-oriented conversations. First, connect with a senior recruiter who will actively listen to gain an in-depth perspective of your company culture, growth plans, and precise technical challenges. No intersection of skills and requirements is too complex.


Step 2

Network outreach. To begin your search, we assess 50-100 individuals from our network who are passively looking and filter out 80%. Then we check in with the top candidates, listening to understand their desires, career goals, and non-negotiables—to avoid any mismatch or confusion moving forward.


Step 3

Vetting. We do the leg work to verify technical and soft skills, check references, and pitch your unique story to candidates, who (let’s face it) often have other lucrative offers from Big Tech. By ensuring candidates resonate with your company vision, we filter out any individuals who would not be a good fit long term.


Step 4

Get your shortlist. This is where the magic happens: Within 5 days, you’ll get an email with 3-5 candidates who fit your exact hiring needs. Let us know who and when you’d like to interview. We’re always available to set up meetings to further calibrate and keep the candidate pipeline moving.


Step 5

Interview. Skip the small talk. Walk into your interview(s) with confidence, knowing exactly who you’re talking to, their profile, experience, abilities, and career goals. Start your interview from a deeper place knowing that the candidate sees a potential future with your startup and has their chips on the table.


Step 6

Understand expectations. Before you make an offer, it helps to understand your goals in relation to the goals of your prospective candidate. We work with you to uncover gaps in expectations and work with each party to gather the best information to help you form an agreement both sides are happy with.


Step 7

Make the hire. Then comes the fun part: Get your dream candidate to “Yes!” with our support through the critical offer stage. Our guarantee means that if the candidate doesn’t work out for performance reasons within the time in our agreement, you get a replacement candidate search free of charge—or a refund.


Source passivecandidates


Find critical candidate/company fit


Show off your unique culture


The Kofi Group Guarantee

This is our promise: If a candidate is terminated for performance reasons within the time period in your agreement, you get a replacement candidate search free of charge—or a full refund.

Hire a 10x engineer who doesn’t have a 10x ego

Start your search today.


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Transparency That You Expect

What is your fee?

We charge a percentage of the placed candidate’s first-year cash compensation.

How much does it cost to get started?

Nothing. We work on a contingency basis with zero upfront costs, which means we only get paid when we deliver.

With Kofi Group

  • Source experienced, passively looking talent (sometimes from your competitors) who meet your exact needs

  • Receive a shortlist of pre-vetted candidates within the top 5% who match your technical challenges, company culture, and plans for growth

  • Straightforward, transparent, fast communication throughout the entire process

  • Optimization of the interview and offer processes to boost offer acceptance and retention rates

  • Our reputation and network make us a hot target for high-quality referrals — we regularly get introduced to leading technical talent, simply because it’s our expertise

Without Kofi Group

  • Source from new graduates or unvetted, irrelevant leads

  • Sort through hundreds of unqualified resumes that barely fit the job description

  • Work with uncommunicative, impersonal, slow, KPI-obsessed big firm recruiters

  • Receive unvetted talent who don’t share your company vision, values, EQ, or technical requirements

  • Lose out at the offer stage from mismatched expectations or surprise candidate needs that were never expressed

Gain the technical knowledge, insight, and energy you need to fill your most critical technical roles.

Get the momentum you need to build exceptional startup teams.