Last year, we started supporting a Series A startup backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners that was rapidly scaling, dealing with recent turnover, and in search of Full Stack Engineers, Open Source Engineers, a Platform Engineer, and an Engineering Manager. 


Joey, one of our senior recruiters, met with the VP of Engineering and had an in-depth discussion about why certain engineers left the company, their growth plans, upcoming projects, and the knowledge gaps they were looking to fill.

Within a week, Joey and the team presented several qualified candidates. We also set up recurring Zoom meetings to further calibrate and keep the candidate pipeline moving.


After a couple of months, we successfully filled the following positions:

  • Full Stack Engineer
  • Platform Engineer
  • Engineering Manager


Factors that contributed to our success:

  • Taking the time to understand the company’s culture, growth plans, and technical needs
  • Learning how to pitch the company’s unique “story” to gain the interest of candidates
  • Truly listening to what prospective candidates were looking for and not looking for, which helped us to filter out individuals who would not be a long-term culture fit
  • Vetting out the technical skills of prospective candidates and checking references
  • Maintaining transparency throughout the process with everyone involved to prevent surprises at the offer stage