Our Client:

Having already worked for two months with two other recruitment agencies, neither of which delivered results, our client urgently needed to hire an experienced software engineer who was senior enough to design and develop new software products with little guidance.


The Candidate:

The role required in-depth knowledge of AGILE best practices, SOLID design, C#, ASP.Net Core and Angular with Typescript. The successful candidate would also need a demonstrable track record working with distributed systems and databases, AWS, RabbitMQ, IAC, microservices, and experience working in a modern CI/CD environment.


Our Approach:

We recommended, and the client agreed, to shorten the lengthy interview process to a first-round technical discussion and a 3½ hour virtual onsite.

Working together, and with a much shorter interview process, we filled the position in nine days; we screened dozens of engineers from our extended network, assessed their design and development experience, cultural fit, and submitted the eight most-promising candidates.


The Result:

The placed candidate met our client’s needs perfectly with 8 years’ experience and 6 as a Senior Software Engineer. They had a bachelor’s in computer science, and several years’ experience designing, developing and deploying new applications with a proven ability to implement SOLID design principles across several projects.

We are now this client’s exclusive recruitment partner and working on two of their other openings.