Our Client:

Having recently secured a new round of funding, this startup was looking to scale their engineering team. Although they had promoted the new opportunity through online job posts, and were already working with three other recruitment agencies, they were disappointed with the quality of candidates they were receiving. Most candidates were simply not qualified.


The Candidate:

The individual they were looking for needed to be a backend, distributed systems architect with extensive experience coding in Python with Scala, along with in-depth knowledge of AWS, GCP and Azure public clouds.


Our Approach:

We were able to take on the challenge quickly, managing the full recruitment process, from initial search to offer acceptance. This was a critical role, essential for the firm’s next phase of growth, expanding their product from a single cloud to multiple cloud platform. Using our referral network of engineering leaders, we screened dozens of possible applicants, assessed the depth and breadth of their cloud and coding experience, and submitted the top 6 for consideration.


The Result:

The placed candidate was a lead architect from a fintech company, with over 20 years of cloud architecture and programming experience, and with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science.

This candidate was not actively looking for a new role, but we were able to pique their interest by showcasing the track record of the founders and the uniqueness of the opportunity.