One of our specialized recruiters, Mike, kept in touch with the Head of Cloud Infrastructure at a Series C FinTech startup backed by Andreessen Horowitz.


In February 2020, the hiring manager reached out with an urgent need for their first Site Reliability Engineers. The bar was set very high: They wanted top academic pedigrees, strong programming skills in Go, and large-scale experience with Kubernetes.


Mike was up for the challenge and had previously filled tough SRE positions with companies like Cruise Automation and has a network that includes top engineers at Stripe, LinkedIn, Google, and several other reputable companies.


First, we went to our network, creating a short-list of the top 50 SREs we’d interviewed in the past 6 months. Next, we ruled out anyone who couldn’t code and didn’t have a strong GitHub to back it up. Then we pitched the company’s vision and vetted the engineers against the required technical skills, soft skills, and long-term plans. This resulted in a list of 10 engineers; We sent the top 5 to our client.


The hiring manager was blown away by our speed and the quality of the candidates. They hired two of the engineers within weeks of the first call. 


We’ve kept in touch with the hiring manager and both of the engineers we placed have received positive feedback about their contributions so far.