The 7 Most Disruptive Software Engineering Trends of 2021

Advice to Help Develop Careers and Engineering Capability As we begin our journey into 2021, we thought we’d investigate the trends that are most likely to disrupt software engineering in the coming months. To help us do so, we enlisted the experience and knowledge of Dr. Jeff Jensen (CEO & Co-Founder of Keto AI and…

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Do You Need To Know Data Structures And Algorithms?

As a programmer, you’ve probably spent the early days of your career pouring over code syntax, package libraries and learning the latest in your chosen discipline. But how much do you need to know about data structures and algorithms; and is that knowledge necessary to progress your career? From the inception of the first programming…

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Why The Best Software Engineers Aren’t Applying To Your Job Postings

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Tips to Boost Hiring Success in Software With high-average salaries, low unemployment, and a high forecast for growth of job opportunities, hiring for software engineers is tough. Yet we know that for the right opportunity (and it’s not always about the money), the most talented people in software development will move. So why aren’t your…

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The Truth About Being a Software Engineer At a Startup

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Should a software engineer join a startup? The Good, The Bad, and the Sensible of Joining a Startup. One of the most common questions from professionals looking for their next software engineer job is, “Should I join a startup?” The answer lies in knowing who you are, and what you want from your career. A…

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