5 Reasons Remote Software Engineering Jobs Are Here to Stay

software engineering

Why would anyone want to go back into the office? Who is missing rush hour traffic? Well, to put it simply… many old-school managers don’t know how to micromanage everyone through zoom. Which is why some companies are requiring engineers to come back into the office. Developers, on the other hand, want to work from…

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CNCF and 5 Things You Need To Know About It


Ladies and gentlemen – start your engines! Just like the world of car racing has everchanging requirements, and requires innovative solutions, so does software design and app development. The need to be the fastest is something common amongst the two – so Cloud Native Computing Foundation, or CNCF, could be the tune up your open-source…

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What is NoSQL: The 4 Best NoSQL Databases Explained

If you’ve ever studied Hamlet in high school, you might be familiar with his famous monologue; “To SQL, or NoSQL? That is the query. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous tables, or to take arms against a sea of unstructured data, and, by using structured schema, define…

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Distributed Systems Explained In 10 Minutes

Why put all your eggs in one basket?  That’s the philosophy behind a computing concept known as distributed systems. But it’s definitely not that simple. Getting a solid grasp of distributed systems architecture can take a while, fortunately we’re here to help you learn the basics in just 10 minutes. What Is A Non-Distributed System?…

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Microservices Explained in 10 Minutes

What are microservices? Services for ants? If you have a Derek Zoolander level working understanding of server systems then don’t worry, we got you covered. Just smile, nod your head occasionally, and “fake it till you make it” – or until this video ends, whatever comes first. This is microservices explained in 10 minutes Most…

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Serverless Architecture Explained In 10 Minutes

What if we told you there are servers in serverless architecture? It’s a counter-intuitive concept, almost an oxymoron in itself.  But it’s real, it’s here and it could be the future of how we design and integrate applications. So, what exactly is serverless architecture?  And how can FAAS or “Function as a Service” be used…

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