To Hire Great DevOps Engineers, Stop Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall

Hire Talent with a Transparent Recruiting Process

You’ve tried hiring DevOps engineers through recruiters, but all you seem to get is a bunch of poor candidates who are underqualified and short on the experience you need. If this sounds like your hiring experience, then you’re using recruiters who ‘throw spaghetti at the wall’.

What Is ‘Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall’?

As an analogy, throwing spaghetti at the wall perfectly describes how some recruiters work. If you take a handful of spaghetti from a pan and throw it against the wall, some will stick. That’s the good spaghetti. Here’s how it works in recruitment:

  • The chef is the recruiter
  • The spaghetti are candidates
  • The wall is you, the hiring company

The chef dumps a whole load of spaghetti in the pan, and starts boiling. He picks up a handful, and throws it against the wall. If a piece sticks, that’s good enough for him – you get your new DevOps engineer, and the recruiter gets paid.

This type of recruiter doesn’t vet their candidates well, and they don’t understand the role you are trying to fill. You must interview many candidates – most of whom are a waste of your valuable time.

In fact, working with this type of recruiter will always be time-consuming. Even worse, you end up hiring a new employee who is the best of a poor bunch, and not someone who can make a real difference. Even spaghetti that sticks isn’t always perfectly cooked.

To Hire the Best DevOps Engineers, First Hire the Best Recruiter

You don’t want a recruiter who throws spaghetti at the wall. You deserve a recruiter who adds value to your hiring process. One that works with your HR department, understands your business and your needs, and translates a DevOps Engineer‘s ability to fill your role.

When you hire the right recruiter, you won’t have spaghetti thrown at you. You’ll receive fewer candidates to interview, but your decision of which to hire will be much harder because those you interview could all fit the role you wish to fill.

What Do the Best Recruiters Do Differently?

To differentiate good recruiters from bad, consider how they work with you and the candidates they are placing.

Great recruiters work hard to understand their candidates. They will interview them and learn about their experiences, skills and qualifications. They will seek to understand their personality, their goals, and the types of companies they prefer to work with.

The best recruiters will be able to provide you with a deep and meaningful resume representing each of the candidates they recommend. You’ll get a bespoke appraisal that helps you select the best candidates to interview.

But it is how they work with you that may be most noticeable. Here are three things that great recruiters do constantly and consistently.

1.     We listen

The first thing that we do is listen to you. Really listen. We learn what you want to accomplish with every hire you make. We understand your goals, your business and your team. We learn about your corporate culture so that we can match a candidate not only on their skills and experience, but on their personality, too. In short, we strategize your hiring with you to define the talent you seek. Then we match candidates to that criteria.

2.     Our process is transparent

Our recruiting process is transparent. We’ll plan the route together with you and use our expertise in IT recruitment to find the most talented candidates. You can rest assured that our search process benefits from the confidentiality you expect. Our recruiting process can be summarized in seven steps:

  1. Role discussion
  2. Network outreach
  3. Candidate qualification
  4. Coaching on hiring process
  5. Interview scheduling
  6. Debrief on candidates
  7. Placement and follow-up

Our transparency of process helps add value and gives you peace of mind.

3.     We are advocates for your company

When we conduct our candidate search, we become the face of your company. We’ll advocate for your business, and, because we understand you and our candidates, you’ll find we’re the perfect partner for your hiring requirements.

Stop Working with Spaghetti Throwers!

We love spaghetti, but we won’t throw spaghetti at you. When we work together, we’ll become your trusted partner. We’ll make certain that we understand your needs and we’ll make sure we match candidates to those needs. Our job is to connect the most talented and suitable candidates to your company and its unique requirements.

To learn more about how partnering with Kofi Group can help to transform your hiring process, contact us today.