Sr. Software Engineer, Platform Engineering Lead


We’re representing a seasoned Software Engineer who has architected and developed numerous applications, is a key member of a high-visibility platform team, and is looking for a new challenge at a growing startup.


  • Enhanced micro-services to deliver web page performance monitoring with JavaScript calling APIs in AWS that posted data to Kafka streams and then to Cassandra DBs
  • Transitioned RabbitMQ, MongoDB, and MariaDB deployments to AWS using Ansible, AWS CloudFormation and Python including automated creation of AWS AutoScaling Groups, CloudWatch alarms, and dashboards.
  • Implemented Terraform automation to deploy MongoDB, Grafana, MariaDB and CloudWatch alarms using Docker, jq, and bash scripts. Leveraged AWS S3 buckets, AWS IAM roles/policies and AWS Simple Notification Service to send emails and Slack messages.


  • BS in Computer Science – Cum Laude

Technical skills

  • AWS, Agile, Terraform, Ansible, Java, C++, Kotlin, C, micro-services, RESTful APIs, JSON, HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, YML, XML, Oracle, PL/SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Apache, JBoss, PHP, GitHub, Perforce, CVS, IntelliJ, Visual Studio Code, YourKit, Valgrind, JUnit, Mockito, Nginx, Jenkins, maven, Klocwork, Coverity, cron, Perl, CentOS, AWS Linux, Ubuntu, RedHat, Solaris, MacOS, Windows Services and OpenStack