Robotics Firmware Engineer


We’re representing an accomplished Robotics Firmware Engineer who is entertaining opportunities that will challenge them to expand their skillset.


  • Designed and implemented an autonomous system for a differential drive robot in ROS/C++. Created a simulation of the autonomous system using ROS and Gazebo. Presented work in a live demo to executives using a real differential drive robot.
  • Designed, simulated, and implemented control systems for electromechanical systems using a combination of classical, optimal and modern control theory techniques, such as PID and LQR/LQG


  • BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering

Technical Skills

  • Software/Programming: C, C++, Python, MATLAB, Visual Studio, Git, ROS, Linux, TCP, UDP, REST APIs, CAN (J1939, CANOpen)
  • Control Theory: Model Predictive Control (MPC), Optimal Control, Optimization, Classical Control, PID Control, Kalman Filtering, Particle Filtering
  • Artificial Intelligence: Supervised Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning