Sr. Full Stack Engineer (NodeJS/ReactJS)


We’re representing a versatile full-stack engineer who is looking for opportunities at a growing startup.


  • Lead the design and implementation of new features for a serverless microservices architecture
  • Implemented and delivered several microservices
  • Directed a full front end refactor from jQuery/AJAX and Swift to React.js/Redux and React Native
  • Developed team branching strategy to reduce operational overhead in case of code rollback


  • BS in Computer Science

Technical Skills

  • React.js front-end, deployed through Cloudfront and hosted on S3
  • Node.js microservice backend using AWS Lambda + API Gateway
  • Back-end workflow triggers: SQS, SNS, DynamoDB Streams, Step Functions, S3 file creation Data Layer: DynamoDB, S3, ElasticSearch, Redshift
  • Security & Authentication: Cognito, Lambda@Edge, IAM
  • CI/CD: Cloudformation + internal pipeline tools