Software Infrastructure Engineer/SRE – Startup Employee #1


We’re representing a versatile Software and Infrastructure Engineer who currently works for a Series-A startup and is exploring full-time opportunities that will offer more of a challenge.


  • Recently built 18 of 20 microservices that make up full API services and builtĀ initial Kubernetes implementation with metrics/logging
  • Accustomed to wearing a lot of hats, from setting up the infrastructure to helping shape products
  • Architected, built, deployed, and monitored all servers and admin tools of multiple cloud services – written in Go, containerized, and deployed to AWS Kubernetes clusters.
  • Frequently spent their free time prototyping feature ideas that they thought would be successful, which often made it to production


Coursework toward a Computer Science degree

***Very strong references, available upon request

Technical skills

  • Golang, Python, Java
  • AWS, GCP, PostgreSQL, Redis, Kubernetes, Docker