Senior SRE/Infrastructure Software Engineer with startup experience


We’re representing a passionate software engineer who loves staying hands-on with tech, building scalable, automated, and self-healing systems, regularly gives talks on infrastructure-as-code and is exploring opportunities with startups.


  • Currently the Technical Lead for a Site Reliability team that manages several Kubernetes clusters that host dozens of isolated microservices all running within AWS
  • Worked closely with the Co-Founder of an early-stage AI startup for over 8 years, where they were responsible for full-stack Python/JavaScript engineering, serverless architecture, cloud infrastructure, mentoring other engineers, and interfacing with customers


  • BS in Engineering

Technical Skills

  • AWS, Lambdas, EKS, CI/CD, Infrastructure-as-code, IaaS/PaaS, Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Python, JavaScript, React, Dojo, Serverless