Senior ReactJS Frontend Developer


We’re representing an experienced full stack developer who leans toward the front end, has architected and developed applications from scratch, and is open to exploring opportunities with significant equity components.


  • Developed a single-page web application for real-time monitoring and analytics
  • Architected and developed invoice/payment applications and fundraising web applications while adhering to the best practices
  • Developed the continuous integration and deployment pipeline using GitLab, Jenkins, and Kubernetes
  • Evangelized UI/UX best practices and code standards


  • BS in Computer Science

Technical skills

  • JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML/CSS
  • React, React Native, Redux, Mobx, GraphQL, React Hooks
  • Bootstrap, Material-UI, AntD, Blueprint
  • Node, Express, Koa, Firebase
  • AWS, GCP, Azure, Docker
  • MongoDB, MySQL