Ph.D. Data Scientist with Excellent Programming and Computer Vision skills


We’re representing a Machine Learning and Computer Vision scientist who is currently working for a recently acquired AI startup and is open to new challenges.


  • Trained deep learning computer vision models in Tensorflow, primarily for object detection and semantic segmentation, including training data curation and preparation
  • Designed Dockerized deep learning cloud microservices for image annotation and anonymization
  • Implemented production systems in Python to deploy deep models and more traditional data science algorithms operating on both image and lidar point cloud data
  • Sole investigator on internal and customer-facing projects involving machine learning with an emphasis on natural language processing applications: topic extraction, sentiment analysis, automated prioritization of messages


  • Ph.D. in Mathematics
  • BS in Physics

Technical skills

  • Machine learning and natural language processing with an emphasis on deep learning
  • Emphasis on Tensorflow, PyTorch, Caffe
  • Export of deep learning models for Tensorflow Serving
  • Deployment of GPU-accelerated models to AWS using Nvidia-docker
  • Metasploit and Kali Linux penetration testing toolkits
  • Scripting in Python and Ruby
  • Statistics and data analysis with Python, MATLAB, and R
  • SQL and NoSQL databases, including PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, MongoDB
  • Web applications powered by Ruby, Rails, Django, Flask