Mechanical & Hardware Engineer with expertise in drones and aviation


We’re representing an accomplished engineer who has a passion for aviation and is entertaining opportunities with growing startups


  • Has built two airplanes: ‘Vans RV-4’ a sport aerobatics airplane, and CH701 STOL. Commercial Pilot, IFR 500+ hours total time. Part 107 Remote Control Pilot.
  • Leading development of ISR (Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) project. a) Designed anti-vibration mount for 2 axis gimbal camera. b) Performed analysis on these parts using SolidWorks simulation from a mechanical strength perspective and vibration isolation qualities. c) Outsourced work to a machine shop to fabricate parts. d) Interfaced with in house production to install parts on aircraft.
  • Led a small team of five engineers and developers – project’s focus was machine learning and tracking system where data can be viewed in real-time in a 3D virtual world.


  • BS in Aerospace Engineering
  • 3 patents pending

Technical skills

  • Airplane design, drone design, DevOps, Network Engineering, Linux, Python, Bash, 3D modeling