Lead Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)


We’re representing a hands-on, lead SRE with outstanding programming abilities, leadership skills, and infrastructure experience, who is looking for an opportunity with a growing startup.


  • Architected provisioning and config management infrastructure from ground up to incorporate 5 active divergent solutions using iPXE, Puppet, and Ansible
  • Defined and build Site Reliability Engineer team (SRE) for company-wide services platform; including actively reviewing the ideation phase of the SRE role
  • Primary Engineer for Linux infrastructure
  • Replaced in-house and SaaS Cloud Solutions with internal dynamic VM pools
  • Subject Matter Expert for proprietary and open-source toolsets used to power $600M SaaS organization


  • BS in Computer Engineering

Technical Skills

BASH, Ruby, Perl, C/C+, Java, RHEL 5/6, Ubuntu, Debian, Mac OS X, netstat, netcat, lsof, tcpdump, openssl (inc. s_client), Apache/Tomcat, Puppet/Foreman, AWS, MySQL, Postgres, CouchDB, CloudStack