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data scientist jobs

Data Scientist? Here’s How to Ace Your Next Interview

Expert Advice to Avoid Rejection Letters Have you ever interviewed for a data scientist job and received the following communication in your email inbox? “We regret to inform you…” “Thank you for your interest in our company and for interviewing. We have decided…” The chances are that you’ve probably received a communication or two like…


To Hire Great DevOps Engineers, Stop Throwing Spaghetti at the Wall

Hire Talent with a Transparent Recruiting Process You’ve tried hiring DevOps engineers through recruiters, but all you seem to get is a bunch of poor candidates who are underqualified and short on the experience you need. If this sounds like your hiring experience, then you’re using recruiters who ‘throw spaghetti at the wall’. What Is…


How Should a Data Scientist Handle Interview Rejection?

5 Tips to Stay Positive and Land Your Ideal Job When you’re searching for data scientist jobs, rejection is an unpleasant experience – especially if you felt the interview went well. So, you’re left wondering why you weren’t hired. You’ll probably feel frustrated, too, and deflated. We approached Dr. Yang Cong, VP of Data Science…


5 Tips to Hire Remote Software Engineers Successfully

Building an Effective Remote Hiring Strategy Hiring remote software engineers can help your organization in many ways. This includes boosting productivity from immensely talented engineering staff. For example: A two-year study conducted by Stanford concluded that Remote workers produce the equivalent to an extra day’s work each week 70% of employees say that working remotely…


How to Find the Best Remote Software Engineer Jobs

7 Steps to Help You Land Your Dream Role in Software The COVID-19 pandemic and reaction to it has proved that remote software engineer jobs are here to stay. Indeed, even before COVID-19, remote work was increasing in popularity. When working from home you benefit from many advantages, including: Greater flexibility to take breaks when…

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