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How to Hire Your First Engineer as a Startup Founder

Introduction According to a study by Shikhar Ghosh reported in Entrepreneur magazine, 75% of all VC backed startups fail. CB Insights researched the top 20 reasons startups fail. Any guesses? You’d probably expect to see things like ‘failure to pivot’ or ‘poor marketing’ to be at the top, but those actually ranked much lower. The…


Software Engineers: Here’s How to Make Your Resume Irresistible

We Asked Hiring Experts What They Look for in a Resume. Here’s What They Told Us If you have made several applications for software engineer jobs but haven’t received an invite to interview – despite your experience, qualifications, and skills being a perfect match – it’s almost certain that your resume is letting you down.…

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Expert Advice on How to Make Yourself the Best Site Reliability Engineer Candidate

Experts Share Their Advice According to, the average salary of a site reliability engineer in August 2020 is around $117,000. That’s an attractive salary, but not quite as attractive as the more than $156,000 paid to the very best SREs. And on top of this, there could be bonuses, profit sharing, retirement benefits, and…

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How to Retain Top Frontend Engineering Talent

Expert Insight to An Industry-Wide Challenge Frontend engineering talent is notoriously hard to retain. And despite drowning their employees in perks like free meals, childcare and transport, even the largest tech companies struggle to retain their best employees. In a sector that is so tight on talent, an inability to retain frontend engineers is especially…

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Want More Female Software Engineers at Your Startup? Here’s How To Do It!

Want More Female Engineers at Your Startup?  Here’s How to Do It! It’s no secret that there is a scarcity of female representation in tech. This is even more true in regards to female software engineers. According to a recent article by Builtin, women make up 26% of the tech field as a whole and…

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Why The Best Software Engineers Aren’t Applying To Your Job Postings

Tips to Boost Hiring Success in Software With high-average salaries, low unemployment, and a high forecast for growth of job opportunities, hiring for software engineers is tough. Yet we know that for the right opportunity (and it’s not always about the money), the most talented people in software development will move. So why aren’t your…

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The Truth About Being a Software Engineer At a Startup

Should a software engineer join a startup? The Good, The Bad, and the Sensible of Joining a Startup. One of the most common questions from professionals looking for their next software engineer job is, “Should I join a startup?” The answer lies in knowing who you are, and what you want from your career. A…

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Systems Engineers Need a System to Work with Recruiters Successfully

Develop a Staffing Relationship to Boost Your Career As a distributed systems engineer, you’re used to overseeing projects and working with others closely. Your success depends upon developing an end-to-end system to deliver the products expected of it. To do this, you’ll work with different people. You’ve got to be responsive, transparent, and prioritize needs.…

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Data Scientist? Here’s How to Ace Your Next Interview

Expert Advice to Avoid Rejection Letters Have you ever interviewed for a data scientist job and received the following communication in your email inbox? “We regret to inform you…” “Thank you for your interest in our company and for interviewing. We have decided…” The chances are that you’ve probably received a communication or two like…

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