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How to Assess Candidates for Data Engineer Jobs in a Virtual Interview

Interview Process Tips from the Experts Interviewing candidates for data engineer jobs virtually makes assessment of candidates more difficult. You don’t have the benefit of body language and proximity to help you gauge an applicant’s performance and suitability for the role. We’ve discussed how to interview engineers for your startup in a previous article, examining…


5 Reasons Why Go Is The Best Programming Language To Learn In 2021

With over 250 different programming languages currently being used by developers around the world it can be difficult to know which discipline will be the most sought-after in two, five or even ten years’ time. For our broader perspective on the best programming languages, check out The Top 10 Programming Languages of All Time. Relative…


Do You Need To Know Data Structures And Algorithms?

As a programmer, you’ve probably spent the early days of your career pouring over code syntax, package libraries and learning the latest in your chosen discipline. But how much do you need to know about data structures and algorithms; and is that knowledge necessary to progress your career? From the inception of the first programming…


Data Science: How To Get In And What Hiring Managers Want

“Data Science”; it’s a term you’ve probably heard a lot, but what does it actually mean? Demand in this field is at an all-time high, so what about Data Science has so many employers interested, and how can you be a part of it? These are the types of questions that’ll be answered today as…


The Best Way to Tell If an Engineer Will Fit Your Startup Culture

Expert Tips to Hire for Engineer Jobs Successfully You’re a startup. You’re hiring for engineer jobs. You know if you get the wrong people, it will disrupt your team dynamic and harm your business. Research by McKinsey & Company has found culture is what separates the highest-performing organizations from the rest. Of course, technical ability…


How to Handle Salary Negotiations in Your Tech Career like an Expert

The tech industry is one of the most competitive job markets in the world. As the demand for new technology increases and innovation reaches new heights more and more opportunities become available at a rate that is outpacing the graduation numbers for computer science majors. In short, the need for skilled software engineers is becoming…


Hiring Great Software Engineers Is Hard: Here’s How to Make it Easier

Pros and Cons of Hiring Remote Talent Hiring great software engineers is hard, especially for SMEs and startups. Not only is there a shortage of talent, but startups must outcompete FAANG and big tech in the war for the talent available. Even if you have identified why the best engineers are not applying to your…


The 10 Top Programming Languages Of All Time

If you’re thinking of getting into coding or if you’re already fluent in one of the top programming languages and want to expand your skillset, you’ve got more than a few choices. When you’re a Python pro, is C# or PHP a better programming language to learn?  If you have a JavaScript background, should you…

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Why the Best SREs Are Not Applying to Your Job Posting

Power Up Your Hiring Process from Job Description to Offer SREs: An important cog in high-tech businesses. They are the missing link between development and operations. The staff who square the circle of the desire to develop new blockbuster features and the need to make sure those features don’t break what is there already. Sounds…

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