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FAANG vs Startup: Is the Risk Worth it for Software Engineers?

When you first learned to code you probably dreamed of working for the best companies in the world, utilizing bleeding-edge technology, solving complex problems, and creating products that would change the world. You can do all this and more working for FAANG or with startups. But which is the best route to take? Today we’re…


P5JS And 5 Things You Need To Know About It

Using charcoal, pencils, and paintbrushes to create animations and artwork is so 2000 and late. Programming is a lot more than building websites and forging applications – it can be pretty, too. So what is P5JS and what are 5 things you need to know about it? It’s time to pack up the palette, and…


What is NoSQL: The 4 Best NoSQL Databases Explained

If you’ve ever studied Hamlet in high school, you might be familiar with his famous monologue; “To SQL, or NoSQL? That is the query. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous tables, or to take arms against a sea of unstructured data, and, by using structured schema, define…


5 Reasons Why D3.JS is The Best Framework For Data Visualization

Data Visualization is a lot like making a pizza. So, which kind of pizza cook are you? Do you want only the best gourmet, stone-cooked masterpiece or are you happy with a pre-prepared frozen pizza warmed up in the microwave? This is the difference between Chart.js. and D3.js So back to our pizza / data…


5 Pros And Cons Of Apollo GraphQL And Why REST is Old News

Do you have a sweet tooth? A bakery analogy is what’s kneaded this week for this talk to rise to its potential. Apollo GraphQL VS REST – it’s time to kill 2 birds with one scone and see which language is the thorough-bread you knead to get on board with – no more loafing around……


Golang vs Python: Which Programming Language Is Best?

Both Python and Go are very similar in the sense that they are both very beginner friendly, and somewhat forgiving when it comes to errors. They also both have great readability, that is, their variables, classes and methods all have a single purpose and are arranged with a consistent indentation and formatting style. When thinking…


7 Things You Need To Know About Xamarin and Xamarin Forms

When most think about app development for iOS, their minds instantly go to using Objective-C versus using Swift – seeing as they’re native tech platforms for Apple products. Likewise, for Android, Java is the first point of call for most people. But what if you want your app to communicate across multiple platforms? It seems…


Erlang And 5 Things You Need To Know About It

Poor Erlang. It’s a bit like the red-headed stepchild of the programming language family – neglected, unwanted, and constantly having the existence of its soul brought into question. The truth is that Erlang is a quiet achiever. It’s a quirky language that may not be popular, but it is a handy tool to have at…


Computer Science vs Dev Bootcamp: Which One Should You Choose?

When you boil it down to its very essence, computer science is just a hot mess of dichotomy and choice – is the state a 1, or is it a 0? On, or off? Up, or down? This is binary code 101, opposite ends of a spectrum that has no middle. Just like the systems…

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