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Next.js and 7 Things You Need To Know About it in 2021

What does Facebook, JavaScript and ordering a coffee at Starbucks have in common? Apart from java being a type of coffee and Facebook being compiled from script? Well, a lot more than you think. So, if you think about it, Next.js is kinda like ordering at Starbucks. Think of the web client as a thirsty…


.NET and 5 Things You Need To Know About it in 2021

Ever hosted a dinner party with a room full of picky eaters? Janice can’t eat gluten; Tom is allergic to shellfish and Wendy?  She’s a vegan and can’t have any animal products within two plates of her own.  It’s a nightmare to get them all to play together nicely and accommodate them so the dinner…


FAANG Restricted Stock Units vs Startup Equity: Which is Best?

The market for software engineers is so competitive that companies will do anything they can to attract the right talent. It used to be that having a ping pong table and bean bag chairs in the office was cool enough to attract great talent, but not anymore. Now the common trend between large FAANG companies…


CoffeeScript and 5 Things You Need To Know About It In 2021

Ever heard the saying “putting lipstick on a pig” ? Well, in this case, JavaScript is the pig, and Ruby is the lipstick – with maybe a little bit of Python blush colouring its cheeks, and a touch of Haskell mascara. Although initially visually jarring, how the pig looks in lipstick does tend to grow…

devops vs sre

DevOps vs SRE – What’s The Difference and Why Does It Matter

Generally, to complete a task, you need to know what needs to be done, and also how it has to be done. But which is more important? It’s a bit like that age-old question – “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” There’s an equal and opposite argument for both options, and each option…


CNCF and 5 Things You Need To Know About It

Ladies and gentlemen – start your engines! Just like the world of car racing has everchanging requirements, and requires innovative solutions, so does software design and app development. The need to be the fastest is something common amongst the two – so Cloud Native Computing Foundation, or CNCF, could be the tune up your open-source…

full stack engineer

The Best Way to Interview a Full Stack Engineer

The interview is key to locking in the right talent for your startup. Your interview process should be air tight, exposing red flags and drawing out the crucial skills needed for success in the role. Today we are going to share a few juicy secrets and tips from hiring managers and recruiters across the tech…


Rustlang Vs C++: Which Language Should You Learn In 2021?

The age-old question – do you go with a good programming language, or a popular programming language? The tough love of Rustlang, combined with your hatred of the Rust compiler, will make you a better programmer. But then again, you can play Tetris as a templated metaprogram in the C++ compiler. So out of Rustlang…


Why CircleCI Is Best For Continuous Integration And Delivery

Say you have a production line making cars in a factory. Which would you prefer – the machine that makes a part well enough to get the job done while requiring little to no maintenance, or the machine that makes a perfect part every time, but needs way more tender loving care? This is the…

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