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Data Engineer Vs Data Analyst Vs Data Scientist

KOFI GROUP When entering the world of data, there can be a lot of words dumped on you that seemingly mean the same thing. The worst offenders of these are the jobs themselves – is there really a difference between a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and a Data Engineer? As a matter of fact, there…


Distributed Systems Explained In 10 Minutes

Why put all your eggs in one basket?  That’s the philosophy behind a computing concept known as distributed systems. But it’s definitely not that simple. Getting a solid grasp of distributed systems architecture can take a while, fortunately we’re here to help you learn the basics in just 10 minutes. What Is A Non-Distributed System?…


Microservices Explained in 10 Minutes

What are microservices? Services for ants? If you have a Derek Zoolander level working understanding of server systems then don’t worry, we got you covered. Just smile, nod your head occasionally, and “fake it till you make it” – or until this video ends, whatever comes first. This is microservices explained in 10 minutes Most…


7 Things You Need To Know About Typescript

TypeScript’s popularity has been on a steady increase over the last few years and it’s one of the most promising programming languages coming into the new year. With around 60% of JavaScript programmers making the switch to TypeScript, and another 20% more wanting to dip their feet in and try, let’s talk about what all…


Why React Native is the Most Popular Cross-Platform Technology

As a mobile developer – what do you want in an application? You want it to look slick. You want it to be super responsive with short load times. You want functionality on Android, iOS, and Windows. What you actually want, is React Native. It’s the most popular cross-platform technology for a reason but before…


Serverless Architecture Explained In 10 Minutes

What if we told you there are servers in serverless architecture? It’s a counter-intuitive concept, almost an oxymoron in itself.  But it’s real, it’s here and it could be the future of how we design and integrate applications. So, what exactly is serverless architecture?  And how can FAAS or “Function as a Service” be used…


How to Be the Best Full-Stack Engineering Candidate

Tips to Stand Out as a Standout Candidate You’re a full-stack engineer, but you’re not receiving offers, even after several rounds of interviews. What are you doing wrong? There should be many job opportunities for full-stack engineers. After all, the role was listed as the fourth top emerging job in LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs report, with…


How to Find a Remote Software Architect for Your Startup

Designing a Unique Hiring Process for Unique Needs A software architect is the specialist you need to drive the development of your startup’s product or platform. When you hire the right architect, they will help you make important decisions, explain them to all stakeholders, and create a model that is highly transferrable with user friendly…


The 7 Most Disruptive Software Engineering Trends of 2021

Advice to Help Develop Careers and Engineering Capability As we begin our journey into 2021, we thought we’d investigate the trends that are most likely to disrupt software engineering in the coming months. To help us do so, we enlisted the experience and knowledge of Dr. Jeff Jensen (CEO & Co-Founder of Keto AI and…

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