Experienced Full Stack/Platform Engineer at a Well-Known Internet Company


We’re representing a passionate Software Engineer who is passively looking for an opportunity to make an impact with an early-stage startup engineering team.


  • Successfully completed a transition from a Ruby on Rails monolith to a Java service
  • Maintained a primary service that serves over 90 client services at an average of 90kQPS with SLA of 99.99%uptime/availability
  • Created a 17%reduction in AWS costs across key services by tuning Kubernetes clusters, database instances, and optimizing product flows


BS in Computer Science (Grace Hopper Scholarship recipient)

Technical skills

  • Languages: Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, D3.js, SQL Markdown, L ATEX, Bash
  • Databases: Hive, Presto, ElasticSearch, MySQL
  • Technologies: Kubernetes, Airflow HDFS, Spinnaker
  • Frameworks: Thrift, Lombok, Guava Mockito, Guice