Ex-Google Software Engineer


We’re representing an accomplished software engineer who previously worked for Google, currently works for a Computer Vision startup, and is exploring new opportunities with early-stage startups that offer significant equity.


  • Designed and implemented mission-critical data pipelines and services that process and deliver accurate, reliable mapping data to the AV, simulations, and AV engineers.
  • Key-member of a team that developed a high-throughput, low-latency serving framework for distributed key-value datasets, which were responsible for $900MM in annual revenue.
  • Single-handedly took new a feature from design to deployment in less than 3 months for a business-critical feature, allowing for 27x update traffic with the same resource cost


  • BS in Computer Engineering

Technical skills

  • Experienced in creating rigorous technical solutions, with thorough design focused on clear deliverables.
  • High degree of proficiency in optimizing high-performance data pipelines, particularly in Python.
  • Excellent high-performance C++ design skills, with a focus on memory management and multi-threading.
  • Strong collaboration skills, consistently become the go-to expert for help with several team technologies.
  • Expert problem solving and debugging skills: have worked multiple on-call rotations for business-critical services.