Ex-FAANG Software Engineer, BS & MS in Computer Science


We’re representing a Senior Software Engineer who is currently working for a seed-stage startup, spent over 5 years at a FAANG company in San Francisco, and is passively entertaining challenging full-time opportunities.


  • Led a team to design an architecture for a customized OpenStack installation on bare metal machines
  • Developed and deployed a content-caching service that saved over 2Gbps per download
  • Designed and developed an automated release pipeline for a major social network that shortened the release cycle from weekly to daily
  • Implemented the client-side and Android UI for smart camera devices
  • Developed the monitoring and alerting system for a social media search component


Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from Tsinghua University

Technical skills

  • Python, Java, Kotlin, C++
  • Kafka, Ansible, Docker
  • Processing large-scale data, Machine Learning, Android development
  • Various relational and NoSQL databases