Top 5 Rustlang Frameworks in 2021

rustlang frameworks

Rust language, also known as Rustlang, is one of the most highly recommended modern programming languages in the world, with the Stack Overflow Developer Survey voting it the “most loved programming language” every year since 2016, and for good reason. Syntactically, it’s very similar to C++, but offers additional features that can make your life…

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ThreeJS Explained In 10 Minutes


Have you ever looked at a website with beautiful 3D graphics and wonder how they did it? Surely there would’ve been countless hours spent on researching the math and hundreds of lines of code that would go into simply rendering a rotating pyramid, all done on Stack Overflow, of course. Well, sorry to rain on…

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OCaml And 7 Things You Need To Know About It In 2021

OCaml belongs to the ML-family of languages along with Haskell, F#, Scala, and others. All ML languages have a reputation for changing the way programmers think about programming. They are strongly typed functional languages with world-class type inference, expressive type systems, pattern matching, and automatic memory management. OCaml has a lot to offer; including one…

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Istio and 5 Things You Need To Know About it in 2021


Everyone here has used some form of GPS or mapping app right? Think of Apple Maps as Linkerd. “Our expert navigators wish you a most pleasant day and have charted a course for you, ETA 31 minutes.” Not so bad, but what about Google Maps aka Consul Connect? “Our latest algorithm has created the most…

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5 Reasons Why Svelte is Improving UI Development


They say that two’s company, and three’s a crowd. In this case, it’s the tried and tested duo that is Google’s Angular and Facebook’s React that are looking down their noses at the 3rd wheel that is Vue.js – obviously not catching onto any social cues or getting those not-so-subtle hints. But there’s an awesome…

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Next.js and 7 Things You Need To Know About it in 2021


What does Facebook, JavaScript and ordering a coffee at Starbucks have in common? Apart from java being a type of coffee and Facebook being compiled from script? Well, a lot more than you think. So, if you think about it, Next.js is kinda like ordering at Starbucks. Think of the web client as a thirsty…

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.NET and 5 Things You Need To Know About it in 2021


Ever hosted a dinner party with a room full of picky eaters? Janice can’t eat gluten; Tom is allergic to shellfish and Wendy?  She’s a vegan and can’t have any animal products within two plates of her own.  It’s a nightmare to get them all to play together nicely and accommodate them so the dinner…

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CoffeeScript and 5 Things You Need To Know About It In 2021

Ever heard the saying “putting lipstick on a pig” ? Well, in this case, JavaScript is the pig, and Ruby is the lipstick – with maybe a little bit of Python blush colouring its cheeks, and a touch of Haskell mascara. Although initially visually jarring, how the pig looks in lipstick does tend to grow…

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Rustlang Vs C++: Which Language Should You Learn In 2021?

The age-old question – do you go with a good programming language, or a popular programming language? The tough love of Rustlang, combined with your hatred of the Rust compiler, will make you a better programmer. But then again, you can play Tetris as a templated metaprogram in the C++ compiler. So out of Rustlang…

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