Backend Engineer at the World’s First Data-to-Everything Platform


We’re representing a Backend Engineer who currently works the world’s first Data-to-Everything Platform and is passively looking for an opportunity to take on more challenging projects on a startup engineering team.


  • Led the development of a dynamic data generation tool with scalable architecture and120,000+ downloads worldwide
  • Developed a hybrid-cloud deployment orchestration system that deploys 50,000+ deployments per day
  • Launched 4 internal microservice projects


BA in Computer Science
MS in Computer Science – Top Tier University

Technical skills

  • Languages: Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Web: Flask, aiohttp, Cherrypy, Nameko, Rails, React
  • Data: MongoDB, Redis, SQLite, PostgreSQL, JSON
  • Infrastructure: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, UCP, Ansible, Jenkins, CircleCI, Nginx
  • OS: macOS, Unix/Linux