Run your desk based on results, not superficial KPIs

Become a remote executive recruiter at Kofi Group.

Recruit on your own terms

  • Work-Life-Balance

    Build your own work-life balance

    Manage your own schedule and work 100% remote. Enjoy competitive benefits (full medical, dental, and vision) and opportunities for profit-sharing.

  • Bank

    Take it to the bank

    Enjoy industry-leading compensation plans (the most popular starts at 65% commission) and specialize in sourcing world-class technical talent.

  • Results

    Results-driven, not KPI-driven

    Recruit your way, no micro-management. Form real relationships with clients and candidates instead of tracking meaningless KPIs.

  • Impact

    See the impact of your work

    Help early-stage startups scale into tomorrow’s unicorns by sourcing their core team members.

  • Colab

    Collaborative leadership

    We review our processes and procedures as a team and include senior recruiters in our all our major team decisions.


Joseph Gordon

“Other recruitment agencies just throw spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. At Kofi Group, we're results-driven. We prioritize relationship-building over trying to send a certain number of emails every day... When hiring managers see a message from me in their inbox, they're excited because they know my emails only contain the names of top talent who check all their boxes.”

"Joining Kofi Group has really opened my eyes to what a real work environment should look like and how employees should be treated. It offers the exact opposite of what your traditional agency would offer."


Nathan Haro


  • A "hunter" mentality with a knack for sales
  • Value teamwork and are highly coachable
  • Understand the value of being a specialist recruiter
  • Verifiable permanent / direct-hire billing numbers above $250K/year for the past 2 years
  • Maintain a strong work ethic without KPIs
  • Unquestionable honesty and integrity
  • Enjoy recruiting for startups and SMBs
  • Highly responsive to client and candidate requests, above-average communication skills

Hit your stride at Kofi Group


George Atuahene

Founder & Managing Director

“When I talk with experienced recruiters who are curious about what we do at Kofi Group, I notice that they tend to have one thing in common: a spirit of entrepreneurship. Most recruiters on our team have seriously considered going independent or starting their own firms at one time or another.

What I explain is that Kofi Group offers the flexibility, earning potential, and self-managed workflow of entrepreneurship, minus the financial risk or burden of starting, managing, marketing, and growing a small business.

If you’re a skilled recruiter looking for a hands-off remote work environment that empowers you to manage your own desk, set your own schedule, and see the impact of your work on a weekly basis, I think we might be a great fit.”

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